Coffee, Cats, and Community — Axum Coffee believes changing the world can happen one cup at a time!  

Enjoy a wide variety of coffees, teas, espressos, and MORE! Along with these delicious beverages listed below, you can also enjoy a variety of tasty food items, including Croissants, Quiche, Paninis, Bagels, Scones, Muffins, Brownies, Cookies, and Cheesecake. Gluten Free Options are available as well!


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Axum Coffee Coffee and Desserts

Axum Coffee’s Story

Axum Coffee LogoThe Dream began in 2005. We envisioned a gathering place for the community to do life together. Not just a place about the coffee, tea, smoothies, pastries, panini and desserts, but rather a place about people in the community coming together around a cause.

A place about helping those in need: locally, nationally and internationally.

A place about giving instead of taking.

A place where guests are not just numbers, but people with stories to tell.


We wanted to find a way to tangibly touch the lives of people in need: orphans, human trafficking victims, the poverty-stricken, those without potable water, etc while creating a place that unites the local community. So, we decided to give all the profit away in hopes of changing the world…one cup of coffee at a time.


The name was born out of this dream. Axum is a city in Ethiopia. In Axum, there are 45,000 people. There is no fresh water, inadequate medical care, 1000 orphans on the streets and 1000 beggars who are old, blind or physically impaired in some way. Most people walk over 5 miles each day to collect water from a reservoir that then needs to be boiled to be relatively safe. Over the next 10 years, with the right funding and committed people we can bring fresh water to the city, enhance medical care, sponsor orphans back into homes of relatives or friends and help care for the old, the poor, the blind, etc. If we do these things the city will experience total transformation and our impact will be felt for generations to come. We are currently working in Axum and hope that in 10 years this WILL be our story. Axum will always be a picture of our dream for cities around the world. Let’s change lives one city at a time!


In 2015 we partnered with The Orlando Cat Café to extend our giving spirit to the animal community.


This is our story. Join us and make it your story!

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