Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A:  We are located in the Town Center at Cagan Crossings, on Hwy 27 just North of Hwy 192, approximately 4 miles west of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  There is ample (free!) parking.

Q: Where Do the Cats Come From?

A: The Orlando Cat Café has partnered with the highly regarded Animal League in Groveland, FL.  This no kill shelter has been in business since 1988 and enjoys a tremendous reputation both in Florida and beyond.  The welfare of the cats is the primary focus for everyone involved in the Orlando Cat Café.  The Animal League will ensure that the cats and kittens are well suited to the environment and are used to interacting with both people and other felines.  Volunteers will ensure that access to the Cat Play/Adoption Area is controlled and the cats even have a separate room (no people allowed) to use their litterbox, eat, drink and have some “down time” should they require it.

Q: How Many Cats Will be in The Cat Play Area?

A:  There will be approximately 12-15 cats and kittens in the Cat Play Area at any given time, all available for adoption.

Q: Are the cats available for adoption spayed/neutered already?

A:  All of the cats at The Orlando Cat Café are up-to-date on vaccinations, are spayed/neutered, receive monthly flea and heartworm preventative care, and are micro-chipped with registration.

Q: My Cat Loves Coffee -- Can I Bring My Own Cat?

A:  Sorry but no.  The Cat Café is strictly for cats and kittens looking for their forever homes.

Q: Why Are There Designated Visiting Times for Children Under 12?

The Orlando Cat Cafe prides itself on those three words:- the amazing community of Orlando, finding each wonderful cat his/her forever home, and providing a cozy cafe & coffeehouse to enjoy. We’ve found that we need to focus our attention on the interaction between cats and our youngest guests. Our goal is to have the interaction be as optimal as  possible for the child and/or cat.

On our end, we know that kittens and cats are fragile. They are tiny and can be easily over looked by young children. This is dangerous for both the child and the feline as young children can easily trip and fall over them. Children are naturally exuberant, this is a lovely quality of youth! However, if you are a cat lover, you know that felines prefer slow movements, soft voices and a gentle touch. When kitties get stressed they are very unhappy and become ill or act out to protect themselves.

Children, just like kittens and cats, go through different socialization and developmental stages. For example, children 3-4 years of age are still learning impulse control. Sudden outbursts, or impulsive grabs at a pet might frighten them and cause an adverse, frightened response. Between ages 5-7, children learn empathy and are better equipped to treat cats properly. Sadly, if kittens and cats have negative experiences with children during their socialization period, they can develop a lifelong fear of small children. Likewise, if a child has a negative experience with a kitten or cat, they can also develop the same type of fear.

We believe we’ve found a beautiful solution to ensuring that both children and cats have a more successful interaction. We’ve instituted “Kids Time’ blocks where children under the age of 12 can separately visit with the cats. Parents will need to accompany their child during these sessions.  The children will be supervised by the staff and volunteers of The Animal League. We believe this will help everyone enjoy their time at the cafe more and not only encourage a better interaction with the adoptable cats, but also a safer and stable environment for all.

Q: Why Do You Have An Entry Fee?

An Entrance Fee is necessary to cover the costs of feeding and housing our feline friends, and also allows them to live in a comfortable and cool environment. The entry fee also helps us provide staff as well as the costs associated with running a business.

Q: Do The Cats Come in Contact with the Food Preparation Area?

Absolutely not. The Cat Play Area is a completely separate area from the  cafe” section of our building. Not only are cats not allowed, but employees don’t share the space either.  Axum employees do not serve food nor clean up in the Cat Play Area and our Cat Adoption Counselors do not serve food from the café.

Q: I love visiting! Can I purchase an annual pass?

YES!  You can choose from 2 options — the Individual “Pick of the Litter” Membership or the “Entire Litter” Family Membership.

Memberships come with these GREAT “purrks”:
• Ten (10) Hours of Monthly Cat Time*
• Additional Cat Hours only $5 per person*
• 2 FREE Guest Passes
• 4 BOGO Coupons for a Beverage
• 15% Discount on all Orlando Cat Cafe Merchandise
*Subject to Availability

These memberships are being offered only for a limited time and are good for 1 year from the date of purchase! $150 purr year for individuals or $250 purr year for the entire family!

Membership requests will be filled first come, first serve — simply send an email to and include your name, address and whether or not you want to purchase an Individual or Family Membership. We’ll email you when your card is read for pick up. It’s that easy!!

Q: I can't keep my cat. Can you take it?

We do not accept cats at our location. All our cats come from our adoption partner, The Animal League, and it is at their discretion if they have the space and financial support to take in additional pets. Please click here for a list of additional resources.

Q: The adoption application process seems long...why?

A: As we are a reputable, private 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue, our adoption process is a little bit different than it would be at a county-run or taxpayer-subsidized humane society. The Animal League prides itself on being a “best match” facility. That means we want to make sure that our cats go to homes that they will be a good fit for, and will not just get returned (or worse).

Our application process is not so different than many other reputable, private rescues. In fact, many other rescues will require multiple home visits and even essay-response questions! All we ask for is proof your landlord accepts pets if applicable, a vet reference (again, if applicable), and a couple personal references. The whole application takes less than 15 minutes to fill out, and only takes us 48 hours to process. In fact, sometimes it only takes us 1 hour if references pick up!

As you may or may not be aware, many of our pets come from bad situations. They have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and dumped at high-kill shelters. We want to ensure they do not go right back into those situations. By asking a few short questions and speaking with references, we get a pretty good idea if the adoption will work out! After all, our number one priority is the well-being of our animals. Thank you for your understanding!

What does is cost to be a responsible pet owner?

Pet ownership represents a large emotional – and financial – commitment. Whether you adopt an animal from the Orlando Cat Cafe, initial costs are just the beginning of the story.

This guide by the Simple Dollar examines the different costs associated with pet ownership and helps you know what to expect, how to plan for these expenses, and potential ways to reduce the financial burden of pet ownership.

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