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Our Location

Phone: (352) 989-4820

532 Cagan Park Avenue
Suites 201-203
Clermont, FL 34714

We are located in the Town Center at Cagan Crossings, on Hwy 27 just North of Hwy 192, approximately 4 miles west of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There is ample (free!) parking.

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Visiting With Children

The Orlando Cat Café prides itself on finding each wonderful cat his/her forever home and providing a cozy cafe & coffeehouse to enjoy. Our goal is to have the interaction be as optimal as possible between the cats and our youngest guests.

On our end, we know that kittens and cats are fragile. They are tiny and can be easily overlooked by young children. This is dangerous for both the child and the feline as young children can easily trip and fall over them. Children are naturally exuberant, this is a lovely quality of youth! However, if you are a cat lover, you know that felines prefer slow movements, soft voices, and a gentle touch. When kitties get stressed they are very unhappy and become ill or act out to protect themselves.

Children, just like kittens and cats, go through different socialization and developmental stages. For example, children 3-4 years of age are still learning impulse control. Sudden outbursts or impulsive grabs at a pet might frighten them and cause an adverse, frightened response. Between ages 5-7, children learn empathy and are better equipped to treat cats properly. Sadly, if kittens and cats have negative experiences with children during their socialization period, they can develop a lifelong fear of small children. Likewise, if a child has a negative experience with a kitten or cat, they can also develop the same type of fear.

Our staff reserves the right to ask you and your child(ren) to leave and return another time should they be disruptive or upsetting to the cats and if they are ignoring the rules and policies. We understand children can have a bad day and we hope you understand that returning another time may be in the best interest of everyone.

We believe this will help everyone enjoy their time at the cafe more and not only encourage a better interaction with the adoptable cats, but also a safer and stable environment for all.