Jean Luc Celebrates Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Sleeping cat

It’s June and it’s my most favorite month! SO many things going on in June:

It’s Adopt a Cat Month AND Adopt a Shelter Cat Month AND June 2nd-8th is Pet Appreciation Week which includes National Hug Your Cat Day (June 4th) AND it’s also the month that celebrates National Take Your Cat to Work Day (June 17th) AND celebrates one of the most iconic cat figures of all time (no, not me) with National Garfield the Cat Day (June 19th) AND rounds up with National Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 21st (which let’s face it, is like a day off for the rest of us!). It’s a feline fantastic month!

So many GREAT events in June but for the sake of this column, I shall focus on Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Of course, the best way to get involved and to really own this month is to adopt a cat or kitten from The Orlando Cat Café, but if you can’t adopt, here are some ways that you can still help:

1. Harness the power of Social Media! If you are on Facebook (and really who isn’t?), simply paste this message into the “What’s on your mind?” box at the top of your page: “June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Save a life: Adopt a cat! If Twitter is more your thing, tweet and retweet “June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. Save a life: Adopt a cat!” Added bonus – it’s nice to get away from politics for a few minutes!

2. Share an adoptable cat, cat-care, or adoption article or “Purr-fect Match” photo from the Orlando Cat Café through your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter accounts each day of the month. Of course, this will mean one less post about the great waffles that you are eating, but trust us, we will survive (and it’s for a really good cause!)

3. Sign up to be a volunteer at the Orlando Cat Café and then tell your friends how great it is! Click here to find out how to become a volunteer!

4. Donate to the SPCA or directly to Orlando Cat Cafe in honor of Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. You can find a list of items that we need here.

5. Fundraise – What better way to celebrate your love of cats than to host a fundraiser in their honor? Get your entire company on board with an Adopt a Shelter Cat Month fundraiser celebration! Orlando Cat Café will award a special gift and Certificate of Appreciation to the 3 highest fundraisers and we will present the checks to the SPCA in a special celebration (with cake!).

6. Pass on an understanding of the importance of pet adoption to the next generation. Talk to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and other up-and-comers about animal shelters and why Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, and pet adoption in general, is important.

As always, thank you to everyone who helps support the kitties at SPCA and at The Orlando Cat Café where EVERY month is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month (not to mention Take Your Cat To Work Day!)

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