Jean Luc Gives Thanks

We are thankful for mew!
It’s November! For me, November used to mean one thing and one thing only – GRAVY. I LOVE turkey but I really LOVE turkey gravy. Those of you that have been reading this column for some time know about my love of all things gravy and November is usually the time that I devote my entire column to it.

But this year has been too serious to devote my column to gravy and so I thought I would instead focus on giving thanks and expressing gratitude, which is apparently another tradition of Thanksgiving (who knew?).

I have many, many things to be grateful for this year.  Here is just a sampling:

  • In 2020, we celebrated the 700th, 800th, 900th and even our 1,000th adoption at Orlando Cat Café.  I am very thankful for all the adopters out there that have opened their hearts and homes to our kitties.
  • I am thankful that we welcomed our 70,000th visitor to Orlando Cat Café.
  • I am humbled and grateful to have my own Plush Doll.
  • I am grateful that we set new records this year for kitty adoptions – 61 adoptions in the month of August!
  • I am also humbled that Lake County Florida awarded us our own “Official Day” on September 8th marking our 4th Anniversary.
  • I am thankful that after being closed for over 4 months, we were able to open in a new and safe way and that our wonderful guests have embraced these changes which are designed to keep everyone safe!
  • I am grateful to see our terrific yoga teachers Cyndi and Rick back and in-person as I love a good stretch.
  • I am thankful to all of our guests who visit, tell their friends about us, post on social media and send us donations of food, toys, beds and litter.
  • I am thankful and grateful to SPCA Florida and Minch Coffee Company for being such purr-fect partners and to Regina and Stefanie who manage all of our social media accounts.
  • I am also thankful and grateful to Heather who cares for us every day (and empties our litter pans!) and Paola who makes sure we are in tip top medical condition and to ALL the volunteers from SPCA who do everything to make the Orlando Cat Café everything that it is.
  • And lastly, to Jessica, who makes sure that everything runs smoothly every day.

On behalf of people and cats at The Orlando Cat Café , THANK YOU And Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving (and don’t forget the gravy!!).

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