Our New Kids Time Blocks!

The Orlando Cat Cafe prides itself on those three words:- the amazing community of Orlando, finding each wonderful cat his/her forever home, and providing a cozy cafe & coffeehouse to enjoy. We want to ensure that everyone who visits us, even our youngest guests, have a positive experience.

On our end, we know that kittens and cats are fragile. They are tiny and can be easily over looked by young children. This is dangerous for both the child and the feline as young children can easily trip and fall over them. Children are naturally exuberant, this is a lovely quality of youth! However, if you are a cat lover, you know that felines prefer slow movements, soft voices and a gentle touch. When kitties get stressed they are very unhappy and become ill or act out to protect themselves.

Children, just like kittens and cats, go through different socialization and developmental stages. For example, children 3-4 years of age are still learning impulse control. Sudden outbursts, or impulsive grabs at a pet might frighten them and cause an adverse, frightened response. Between ages 5-7, children learn empathy and are better equipped to treat cats properly. Sadly, if kittens and cats have negative experiences with children during their socialization period, they can develop a lifelong fear of small children. Likewise, if a child has a negative experience with a kitten or cat, they can also develop the same type of fear.

Child and Cat|Orlando Cat Cafe

One of Our Young Guests Interacting with a New Feline Friend

We believe we’ve found a beautiful solution to ensuring that both children and cats have a more successful interaction. We’ve instituted “Kids Time’ blocks where children under the age of 12 can separately visit with the cats while enjoying structured activities such as crafts, pet education, reading time, and family coloring time. During these blocks, children will come together as a group and enjoy an hour of entertainment within the cat play area. Parents will need to accompany their child during these sessions.  The children will be supervised by the staff and volunteers of The Animal League. No other adults will be allowed during Kids Time. During Family Coloring Time, parents and children work together in the cat play area creating their masterpieces.

All other blocks of time will be for older children (12 and up) and adults. We believe this will help everyone enjoy their time at the cafe more and not only encourage a better interaction with the adoptable cats, but also a safer and more stable environment for all.

Interested in booking for our New Kid’s Time?  Just click here



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Jean Luc’s Interview by Meow Meow Magazine Part II


Jean Luc recently sat down (and also rolled over a few times) with Meow Meow Magazine about his role as the Celebrity Spokecat and Blogger for the Orlando Cat Café. Here is Part II of his interview!

MMM: What’s the hardest part of being a blogger?

JL: You know, it’s the actual typing! I am VERY good at passing back and forth in front of the monitor and also laying on the keyboard, but when it comes to the actual typing of letters, it’s hard because of my paws.

MMM: Where do you get your ideas that you then incorporate into your Blog?

JL: Mostly from what is happening at the Orlando Cat Café. Right now we are still in the planning process and so I am mostly writing about what’s happening with that. Interestingly enough, inspiration sometimes comes while I am sleeping. I have some CRAZY dreams!

MMM: Taking a page from James Lipton and “Inside the Actor’s Studio”….

JL: Ooh…I have watched that show! Love it!

MMM: OK, then you are familiar with the questions — let’s start. What is your favorite word?

JL: “Cookie”.

MMM: What is your least favorite word?

JL: “No”.

MMM: What turns you on?

JL: Someone scratching me behind my ears!  It’s a literal turn on because I start purring almost immediately. It’s like turning on an engine!

MMM: What turns you off?

JL: Well — when the person stops scratching me behind my ears, it literally turns off my purr. Otherwise, I am not a fan of really long car rides as I tend to get a little car sick.

MMM: What sound do you love?

JL: The can opener.

MMM: What sound do you hate?

JL: I hate any loud noise, I also don’t like to hear people cry. It makes me sad too….

MMM: What is your favorite curse word?

JL: Jean Luc does not curse!

MMM: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

JL: I would love to be a movie star like Keanu!

MMM: What profession would you not like to do?

JL: I wouldn’t want to be a dog. Is that a profession? Nothing against dogs, but I don’t think I would be very good at it.

MMM: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear when you get to the pearly gates?

JL: Google just reported that Orlando Cat Café adopted it’s 1,000,000th cat!

MMM: Last question Jean Luc….Do you believe in love at first sight?

JL: Absolutely! I have seen it so many times with families coming from all over the country to adopt cats and dogs at the South Lake Animal League. Cats falling head over tails in love with their new “forever families” and dogs who do the same. And people who fall head over heels in love immediately with their new furry family member. If you don’t believe me, stop in to the soon to be open Orlando Cat Café and you’ll see it everyday of the week!

MMM: Thank you Jean Luc for taking the time to talk to us.

JL: My pleasure!

Eat, drink and become a new cat owner?

From The Daily Commercial:

Most food establishments offer to-go boxes, but soon one place in Clermont will offer to-go kitties.

It’s called the Orlando Cat Café, and its mission, in partnership with the South Lake Animal League, is to save the lives of homeless cats in Central Florida while customers drink coffee, enjoy a bite to eat and mingle with the felines.

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Orlando Cat Cafe Featured on 90.7 WMFE

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cat-South-Lake-Animal-LeagueWe’re getting a lot of attention on our way to opening day.  Check out the story on 90.7 WMFE at http://www.wmfe.org/cat-cafe-coming-to-clermont/53083



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