Dear Jean Luc…


Jean Luc loves email! This month, I answer some questions that I have received from both our Human Friends as well as Kitty Friends. Since I speak feline fluently, it’s not hard to do!

Q. Dear JL, The Kitties at the Orlando Cat Café have such exotic names. Do you name them all? -Alicia S.

A. Dear Alicia, All our cats are named by our the Animal League and they do so by theme. All the cats that come in on the same intake have themed names (Christmas, Famous Authors, Sports, etc.). When they get a litter, they all get names that start with the same letter. Like the new “Y” kitties who will be joining us soon at the Orlando Cat Café.

Q.  Dear JL, My human keeps trying to dress me in an alligator costume for Halloween. I really don’t want to dress up as an alligator, or anything else for that matter. Other than vomiting on the costume, what’s the best way to tell her that I don’t want to participate? – Precious G.

A. Dear Precious, I’m with you. At this time of year, it is important to remind our humans all over the world that we will not tolerate any costume. It isn’t cute or funny, but it is irritating. If you want to give us some extra treats for Halloween, fine, but please – no costumes! Dogs, on the other hand, look hilarious in Halloween costumes. Feel free to wrap them, dress them, put them in doggy make-up, whatever you got to do!

Q. Dear JL, My family is giving serious consideration to getting a kitten. I’ve always been the only cat in the house and I am concerned that I will now have to share my toys, litterbox and most importantly, I will have to fight for my family’s attention. Any advice? – Snowy from Seattle

A. Dear Snowy, I absolutely understand your concern. Kittens are cute, but mostly when they are in other people’s houses. Instead of concentrating on the negatives, think about the positives. You can take all of your experience and teach the new kitten how to best train your family. Remember how long it took you to teach your family how to cater to your every whim? Now it is almost your duty to help the next generation do the same thing. You will now be the elder statescat in your house, and you can use the kitten to do your bidding. As an added bonus, now you have someone to groom your ears, because we all like having our ears groomed. Keep an open mind – you might actually like the little guy!

Q. Dear JL, I am thinking about opening up a Cat Café in Bora Bora and was wondering if you might be able to help me. Do you do consulting work? Regina P.

A. Dear Regina – I am very flattered however my work with The Orlando Cat Café and as Editor of this Newsletter keeps me very busy. Plus, I am bound by contract. And I don’t really like to travel. I do, however, wish you success in your new venture.

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