Jean Luc Rings in 2020!

2020! A new year! A fresh start! I have been hearing a lot lately about New Year’s Resolutions, which is apparently a “thing” that people do at the beginning of the New Year. Something about taking stock and starting the new year fresh – replacing bad habits with good habits. Most of the comments I hear have to do with people’s weight, but sometimes it’s hard to hear since they have a muffin in their mouths. Personally, I like a big lap to sit on and a big soft tummy to make biscuits on is even more pleasant.

Anyway, since I am a cat, and therefore, perfect in every way, I didn’t think I could partake in this New Year’s activity, but upon further reflection, I have come up with a few things that maybe I could improve upon. Maybe.


Resolution #1 – Scratching Post
I know that the dining room rug is not a horizontal scratching post. I really do know this, but it is SO tempting to use it. First of all, it’s so big and roomy and I can use a different piece of it every day. Also, the material is so pleasing to my paws. Yet…I know that my scratching posts are mostly vertical and that the stretch is good for me. And you’ve put them all over the house – even next to the dining room rug. I’m going to try…really try…and not to use the rug anymore. At least while you are looking. Maybe just at night while you are sleeping…


Resolution #2 – Coming When Called
Did you know that cats have superior hearing? It’s true – a cats’ sense of hearing is remarkably superior to that of humans. This means that we can hear sounds you can’t hear on both ends of the spectrum, particularly the higher end. Like a mouse. Or a can opener. Or that “pop” that the can makes when you open it. Cats’ ears are uniquely designed to draw sound into the ear canal, which enables us to hear sounds well. So…what I’m trying to say is that I CAN hear you when you call me. I just choose not to come. I don’t really know why. Sometimes I’m napping. Sometimes I’m just comfortable where I am. But mostly, I just don’t feel like it. Kind of like you when you answer, “What?” when someone calls you and you don’t feel like getting off the couch. We’ve all been there, but I’m “there” pretty much every day of the year. This year, I’m really going to work on coming when called. Even if there is no cookie reward. And if not sleeping. Or really comfortable where I am. Or just don’t feel like it.


Resolution #3 – Litterbox Habits
This is a delicate subject and I will tell you that I have never had a litterbox “accident” which is something that I’m proud of. That being said, there are some litterbox habits which perhaps I can improve on. Sometimes I get really excited about the digging part and I dig and I dig and I dig and I dig, like I’m getting ready to poop in China! All the way to the bottom of the box, until there is not a speck of litter there…because by the time I’m done it’s all outside the box. I guess I can be a little overzealous sometimes and this behavior could be toned down a bit. It does a make big mess and I probably don’t have to step in the giant Mount Litterbox that is now outside the box and then track that all around the house. This is something that I can definitely work on and will beginning with my first poop of the New Year (too much information?).


Resolution #4 – Sharing
Admittedly, sharing is not my strong suit. Not when it comes to food. Or toys. Or food. Or your favorite sweater that I like to lay on (you have others). Or food. Or your lap. Or food. Or the box I am sitting in. Or food. I’ve always followed my own version of the Golden Rule, which I have re-interpreted from, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them to Unto You”, to be more like, “What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine. Mine. All Mine.” So sharing is something that I can work on this year – except when it comes to your sweater. And food.


Speaking of fresh starts (as I did at the beginning of this column), if you haven’t been in to see me lately, come on in. The Kitty Playroom has undergone a major renovation with new paint, a new kitten cabana (replacing the kitten tent) and all sorts of new swag from t-shirts to hoodies to tank tops and of course, me in plush form (no home should be without one).


On behalf of everyone at Orlando Cat Café, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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