Jean Luc “Just Kitten” Around with Monica

Monica - Female, Born 4/13/20
This month, our mascot Jean Luc sat down with long-time Orlando Cat Café resident Monica to talk about kittens, Clear the Shelters and her wish to find a Purrfect Match. Here is their interview (which has been edited for length because these two can talk….and talk and talk and talk….)

JL:  Hi Monica and thank you for taking time away from your “kitten duties” to talk to me!

M:  It’s my pleasure!

JL:  So here we are during Clear the Shelters Month and I thought I would talk to you because you have been at Orlando Cat Café the longest while awaiting your purr-fect match, right?

M:  Yes – I have been at the café since April – just a few days after my first birthday,  and while I love being here, and especially tending to all the kittens, I would really like to find my forever home!

JL:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

M:  Absolutely – I was born on April 13, 2020 and so I am still a youngster. My astrological sign is Aries and cats born on my birthdate tend to be gentle souls and that’s what I think I am. My human friends at the Cat Café sometimes call me stubborn because I come out to play and meet people only when I want to (and not necessarily when they want me to) but that’s because I am I am my own purr-son and make my own decisions. I would also describe myself as confident, loyal and genuine – also Aries traits! I tend to hang out in the back room, not because I am shy but because sometimes 1 or 2 or 3 of the younger kittens need me to mother them and I like feeling needed!

JL:  I have seen you comforting the kittens a lot – you really love them, don’t you?

M:  I do – it’s just in my nature, I guess.  Ideally my Purrfect Match family would adopt me AND a kitten for me to tend to!

JL:  And this is the purr-fect time for that during Clear the Shelters Month when adoptions are ½ off!

M:  Absolutely – my new family could take me AND a smaller friend home together and get TWO Purrfect Matches for the price of  one. And then I would not only get a family of my own, but a kitten of my own too! That would be the greatest!

JL:  Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Monica! I think you are a really cool cat and I think that September is going to be the month that you find your Purrfect Match!

M:  Thanks Jean Luc, gotta go now!  I think one of the kittens needs me…

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