National Pet Safety Month

A cat dressed as a doctor

Your cat’s safety should be a top priority, and having a well-stocked cat first-aid kit is paramount. If you already own one, remember to check the supplies regularly, especially in April, ensuring none are expired. Familiarize yourself with each item in the kit and how to use it effectively. Mastering basic emergency procedures like the Heimlich maneuver and CPR could be lifesaving. If you’re unsure about these, your trusted veterinarian is an invaluable resource. They’re always willing to guide and educate you on performing these procedures on your cat confidently. If you have yet to assemble a cat first-aid kit, consider these essential items: absorbent gauze pads, adhesive tape, cotton balls or swabs, disposable gloves, blunt-end scissors, tweezers, OTC antibiotic ointment, an oral syringe or turkey baster, liquid dishwashing detergent, a towel, a small flashlight, alcohol wipes, styptic powder, saline eye solution, and contact details for your vet and local emergency clinics. Investing in a pet first-aid kit and knowing how to use it can make all the difference in an emergency. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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