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Patience vs Patients — this is something that JeanLuc has been thinking a lot about this week — in between bath time and sleeping and eating, so basically I’ve devoted about 5 entire minutes pondering this subject. I and all my kitty friends are patiently awaiting word from government officials in the Lake County Building Department on our final approval of our architectural plans so that construction can begin! Being patient is hard, but not as hard as being A patient, like at the vet’s office! I particular don’t like being poked and prodded. And don’t get me started on that cold metal table! So — being patient is easier than being A patient I guess, although I usually get a treat when I get home from the vet. We’ll have a bunch of treats when The Orlando Cat Café opens, so we have that to look forward to! In the interim, we await approval so that construction can begin…soon I hope. Like maybe during my next nap.

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