Jean Luc, your intrepid reporter, is pleased to anounce that construction has started on the Orlando Cat Café!

The folks at Kalos are estimating a 12 week buildout and they started today with some major demolition of the existing space (mostly the restrooms which will need to relocated).  No word yet on litterboxes, but I imagine that comes a little bit later.

Here are some pictures from today’s work!


Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction

Walls are coming down!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction

More Walls Coming Down


Activities this week include the demolition of all existing walls, flooring, electrical, HVAC (that’s construction lingo for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning!), plumbing and the fire alarm. They will also begin laying out the new walls and floor lines for plumbing as well as saw cutting the existing concrete.

Sounds messy and so they have asked me not to “help” them this week (I am only allowed to take pictures for now).

I will continue to send updates (and pictures) every week of our progress!

It’s going to be pawsome!!!!!!

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