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Imagine relaxing with that steaming cup of Axum coffee or tea while watching the playful antics or listening to the soothing purrs of adorable, adoptable cats and kittens. That’s exactly the type of atmosphere you will encounter at the Orlando Cat Café! We have partnered with SPCA Florida and Axum Coffee to make the Orlando Cat Café the Cats’ Meow! The cat café concept is gaining popularity across the United States and we are proud to be the first of its kind to open in Central Florida. The Orlando Cat Café is both a cozy coffeehouse with comfortable furniture, premium coffee, tea and pastries, and 12 to 15 cats roaming freely in the spacious 1,000 square foot Cat Play Area/Adoption Area. For a small entry fee, guests can bring their beverage and food and pet and cuddle all of our feline residents. But if you want to grab your coffee and go, that’s fine as well. The cat café has a separate entrance to comply with health and food safety compliance guidelines.  You can also choose to enjoy your latte in the coffee shop and watch the playful antics through a viewing window into the Cat Play Area.

We’re located in the Town Center at Cagan Crossings, just about 4 miles west of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
If you are planning to visit, please ensure your space by making a reservation or calling ahead.

Location & Contact

Orlando Cat Cafe

532 Cagan Park Ave.
Clermont, FL 34714

(352) 989-4820


Cat Play Area Hours: Monday: Noon to 6:00 pm; Tues-Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Cost is $8.00 per adult/$4 for children under 9, per hour.

We highly recommend making a reservation online or calling for appointment.

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  • “hi guyz! 
I is Jessie. I just gotz 2 Orlando Cat Cafe and I iz so excited !!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna come play ? 
Lil’ Jessie”
  • Get you a cat who can do it all 😉#dollypartonchallenge #HisNameIsPepper #upforadoption
  • [ Insert clever mustache joke here. ]
  • Hello everyone!  We have arrived in Portland, Maine and our first impression is that is C-O-L-D here!  We have arrived at The Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland and although the weather outside is C-O-L-D the people here have been very warm and welcoming!  We have already made some new cat friends and are confident that we will meet our furr-ever family very soon, as 40% of the whole population of Maine live in Portland!  On our way in we saw the official flag of the city and the city seal shows a Phoenix rising from the ashes along with the Latin word “resurgam” which, when we asked Siri, we found out means “I shall rise again” and so we felt this was a very auspicious new beginning for us.  We will update again when we get adopted.  Thank to everyone who has commented on our adventures so far.  We both appreciate all your kind words! 
Nunu and Reeces
  • Join us for Palettes & Pets on February 20th! It's a super fun art studio workshop, with step by step guidance and roaming kitty muses inspiring your work. The 2 hour class is $40. All art materials are supplied and beginners welcome! Reserve your spots via the #linkinbio!⁠
  • Your cat has questions and today, on National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, you might want to answer. We'd love to know...what would your cat ask?⁠ 🐈
  • Welcome to the third post of Nunu and Reece’s Travel Blog! For those just joining us, we have left sunny Florida and are traveling up the east coast to Maine in search of our furr-ever home and making fun stops along the way. Some of you have inquired as to why we are going to Maine – well, sometimes cats just need a different place to be featured. We have been at SPCA since July and then at the Orlando Cat Cafe since October, so SPCA thought it would be a good idea for us to travel to Maine to a shelter who does not have the overpopulation problems we have in the south. Today we are in Atlanta at the World of Coca Cola Museum! Full disclosure, we scoured the internet for the World of Canned Cat Food Museum, but could not find it, and so we settled on the World of Coca Cola. We figured that if we were going to go to a museum, it should be a fun place.

We got to see the vault where they keep the formula for Coca Cola which is regarded as the most closely guarded and best kept secret. Well...that along with “how do I make my cat come when called” which may or may not also be contained in that vault. We also played with the virtual taste maker to create taste and flavor combos the same way early pharmacists and inventors did it. We were surprised to find that salmon was NOT one of the flavors that you could add. We both thought that that was a HUGE oversight on Coca Cola’s part.
Our favorite part of the museum was the Perfect Pauses Theater (we were surprised that they made that spelling mistake as I am sure they meant Purr-fect Paws Theater). We think that that theater showed the best of Coca Cola TV ads throughout the years, but it was dark and the seats were soooo comfy and it’s possible that we napped. Before we knew it the museum was closing for the day and we had to leave, but we had a lovely day and learned a lot. We even got a souvenir picture with the Coca Cola Polar Bear (who also agreed with us that salmon flavored Coca Cola was a huge missed opportunity). That’s what you get when you don’t have cats at the highest level of management!
We are back in the car now and will update again soon on our next adventure!
Nunu and Reeces
  • What’s better than a nice, hot cup of tea? That’s right – a purring cat! Take some time to savor the sweet stuff and converse with our kitties by participating in High Tea at The Orlando Cat Cafe! This 2 hour Valentine's Day experience is from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., $35 per person.⁠
Choose from 2 different experiences – enjoy your tea in the Cat Play Room or choose to enjoy it in the Axum Coffee shop or even outside (weather permitting) and then visit with the kitties afterwards. Either way, this is a relaxing 2 hour experience and includes soft music, purring cats (if you choose to dine in the Cat Play Room) and a selection of sweet and savory items. Reserve your spots via the #linkinbio.⁠

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