Jean Luc Wants to Help Chewy Help Animals in Need!

Sometimes the kind folks at Orlando Cat Café give me access to the computer. They mostly think I am “playing” but what they don’t know is that I know how to shop from Amazon (we all remember the “gravy boat” debacle of 2022!). I also know how to shop at Chewy!
This year, Chewy has something very new (and very fun) that can help not only your pet’s wishes come true, but also all of the Cool Cats and Kittens at Orlando Cat Café, have a very happy holiday season.
Chewy Claus  allows you to send your pet’s letter along with his/her holiday wish list for a chance to make their wishes come true. What’s more exciting is that you can send a letter on behalf of the Cool Cats and Kittens at Orlando Cat Café to make their holiday dreams come true! Plus, for every letter sent, Chewy is donating 1 pound of pet food and supplies (up to 200,000 pounds) to Greater Good Charities for all pets in need. That’s a lot of Kibble and Meow Mix!
The kitties at Orlando Cat Café need your help! As of today, here is a list of all the kitties at Orlando Cat and their status on the Naughty/Nice Scale:
Name Naughty/Nice Scale
Cookie Crunch Nice
Cheesecake Let’s Just Say Cute
Alexstraza Nice
Confucius Only a Little Naughty
Amarella Nice
Maizey Nice
Monty Let’s Just Say Cute
Once you submit your list you will be asked for an email address ( as well as an address that Santa can use for his sleigh stop. The address of Orlando Cat Café is 532 Cagan Park Avenue, Clermont, FL 34714.It just takes a minute to do but could make a world of difference to a whole bunch of kitties (and dogs too).

On behalf of myself and all the cool, naughty, nice and cute kitties at Orlando Cat Café, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

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