Back from Vacation!

Jean Luc here, back from vacation and boy oh boy have things changed here while I was gone!

I went to Altoona, Pennsylvania, mostly because I thought it was spelled All Tuna, Pennsylvania.  You can imagine my disappointment but I made the best of it.

Anyhoo, my vacation started on September 7th and I just came back this morning, revived and refreshed, and boy was I surprised when I came in today.  I have a bunch of new friends here, and by “a bunch” I mean 15!  15 feline friends have joined me here at the Orlando Cat Café and we are having some fun!

I’m a little embarrassed that I missed the Opening Day festivities — reporters from WESH, The Orlando Sentinel, Attractions Magazine, WFTV, FOX, The Daily Commercial, and few others were all here, and hob nobbing with those folks would have probably helped my professional street cred, but they did a great job covering the opening!

OrlandoCat Cafe|Opening Day Cake
I missed the Opening Day Cake which is sad because I LOVE cake! The pawprints on the side are so cute!

Oh…and remember those boxes I wrote about before?  Well….I was right, they did have some fun stuff in them!  We have some really nice toys and comfy places to sleep and ultra swanky kitty trees and other fun apparatus to play on.  I’m told this came from a place called CatsPlay, Cat Furniture Superstore (  We all love it!

Here’s a picture of my newest friend, Yin, having some fun!

Orlando Cat Cafe
My newest friend Yin posing on the steps from CatsPlay Furniture!

We’ve met some super nice people who have travelled from near and far to visit with us and we are all looking forward to meeting many more nice folks!  Someone even sent these adorable flowers with a likeness of me, Jean Luc..made out of FLOWERS!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Flowers
That’s me – made out of flowers!

If you haven’t come to visit us yet, now is the time!  Reservations are STRONGLY recommended as my new cat friends are extremely popular!  You can make them on our website –

The Orlando Cat Café – where the cool cats hang out!



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