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I have a friend who is a Maine Coon cat. Many cats think that they might be Maine Coons, but in reality they are just tabbies with a bit of a weight issue.  My friend is a bona fide Maine Coon. Gorgeous cat — big green eyes, cute tufts on his ears, giant paws and a big fluffy, squirrel like tail. He’s a real looker! Here’s the problem — the person who works for him — you know, cleans the litterbox, feeds him, buys him toys — I think people call them “owners” — decided that he could be “improved” and so she took him to a groomer to have a “lion cut”. If you are not familiar with the lion cut, I have included some pictures in this post, but I warn you, some images may not be suitable for….well…..anyone.


Lion Cut Cat 2

Orange Tabby Lion Cut 1White Cat with Lion Cut 1


You know who I think looks good in a lion cut? A LION! Really works for them being “King of the Jungle” and all.


You know for whom a lion cut does not work for? Everyone else! I mean seriously, the lion cut for housecats is what the bad home perm was for people in the 80’s (when my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents were alive).

Bad Perm


See the resemblance?


How about now?


JeanLuc thinks this may be a form of  what sociologists called anthropomorphism which is a fancy word for giving human characteristics to animals.  In this case, it seems to be the human condition known as “the bad hair day”.  Cats don’t have bad hair days.  The worst it gets for us is if we get a mat, which can be easily rectified by combing it out.  Or, there might be a situation where we get a bit of peanut butter stuck in our fur, although I do NOT know about this from personal experience…really.  I heard about it once.


We love our fur and don’t need any help with styling.  Combing yes.  Dye no.  Crazy Lion Cut definitely NO!  If you are thinking that your cat may look cute with a lion cut, think again.  If you are thinking your cat would look even cuter dyed green to look like a dinosaur, think again.  Seriously — think again.

Dinosaur Cat|Orlando Cat Cat Cafe


You will not see any cats with lion cuts at the Orlando Cat Café.  I am forbidding it – and I am the official spokescat so what I say, basically goes.  See you soon!


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