JeanLuc’s Interview for Orlando Cat Cafe

JeanLuc Blogs About the Orlando Cat Cafe

JeanLuc recently sat down (and also laid down) with MeowMeow Magzine to discuss his celebrity status with Orlando Cat Cafe. Here is Part I of his interview:

MMM: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us about your job as SpokesCat for the Orlando Cat Café. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

JL: Thank you for having me. My name is JeanLuc and I am a cat.

MMM:  JeanLuc is a French name — are you originally from France?

JL:  No I am not, however, I think my great, great, great grandparents on my father’s side might be from France.  I was named JeanLuc because my mom loves French Fries.

MMM:  So you don’t know any French?

JL:  My French is limited — for example, I know “Miaou” which loosely translates to “Meow” in English.

MMM: How did you become the SpokesCat for the Orlando Cat Café?

JL: It’s a funny story actually. The nice folks at Southlake Animal League brought me out to star in a video for the Orlando Cat Cafe back in September and all agreed that I completely “stole the show”, despite the fact that I was asleep for the most of the actual filming. Because I did so well, they brought me back to the Sneak Peek Event in October and many people that attended that event were drawn into my star quality and eventually I was asked to take the job as SpokesCat.

MMM: As the Official SpokesCat, what are your job duties?

JL: There is a lot of eating, sleeping, and snacking that has to be done, in addition to looking super cute at all times. I also write a weekly blog keeping our fans updated as to how our construction plans are coming along and when we plan to open.

MMM:  How are the plans coming along?  Do you have an opening date yet?

JL:  I wish we did.  We recently went through the first review process with Lake County and they had some questions that our architect needs to address.  Something about working ducks I think.(editors note — we think JeanLuc meant “duct work”).  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Our architect will resubmit in the next few days and then the plans should be approved and we can begin actual construction.  Once construction starts, we are estimating that we will be open in 60-90 days.  I have been quite busy attending meetings with our architect and contractor.

MMM:  What is your role in those meetings?

JL:  I enjoy knocking the pens and pencils off the table when they are working and I also like to lay down in the middle of the plans while they are reviewing them.  They like it when I swish my tail back and forth over the sections that they are reviewing.  I also find that shedding on them excessively works well as far as fostering collaboration and encourages them to work faster so we can open!

MMM: Do you have a celebrity crush?

JL: Besides myself? Currently I am crushing on Keanu – another alumni from Southlake Animal League who is going to be staring in his own movie opening April 29th!  I am so proud of Keanu!

MMM: What are you most passionate about?

JL: Right now it’s getting the Orlando Cat Café open! After that I will probably go back to one of my catnip toys but for right now, I really want to get the Café up and running so that my fellow felines can find their forever homes. It’s that kind of alliteration, by the way, that a blog writing SpokesCat has got to be good at!

Part 2 of JeanLuc’s Interview with Meow Meow Magazine will appear in JeanLuc’s blog next week!  Stay tuned.

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