Construction Update – Week 2

JeanLuc, intrepid cat reporter, took a peak inside the new Orlando Cat Cafe, as week #2 of construction concluded.

Orlnado Cat Cafe|Tool Bag
Take Your Catnip Mouse to Work Day!  You can tell it’s MY bag because of the Mouse Toy

This week we got to see the underground plumbing completed and inspected. This is good because it means that people coming to visit us can drink (and also use the bathroom!).

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction
Here’s me helping drill some holes into the framework that is going to support the walls!

The concrete trenches, which up until now made an EXCELLENT place to store my collection of catnip mice were treated for termites (yay!), inspected and prepped for pouring. Concrete is being poured next week, which means I should probably remove my toys now….

Orlando Cat Cafe|Paws on Computer
Here I am checking my email in middle of busy workday!

They continue to frame the area and will eventually put walls up and they are also continuing putting in the electrical work (so that our people visitors can charge their cell phones) and also continuing with the HVAC system so that we can remain cool as cucumbers in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter!

These guys think of everything!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction Meeting
Plan Review with “The Guys” They are laughing but it’s serious work!

So far we are on schedule and everything should be done by mid-August!

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