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Greetings from the Orlando Cat Café! It’s really starting to take shape. We’ve closed up all the walls, so we can get a good picture of what the place is going to look like when it’s finished. You can  see the “coffee” side and the “cat play area” side now.

All of this work is good, however, I miss being able to run through the metal studs between the two areas!  Plus, this is last time that cats are going to allowed in the coffee area.

In any case, the guys and I have finished framing and we are almost done with the electrical and HVAC rough ins (note: if dogs were building it, we would call them “ruff” ins).

Jean Luc is quite the comedian, no?

Here are some photos taken just this week!  Next week we start drywall, which should be mess-ee!  Good thing my fur is white!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Kitty Construction

Reaching for the screws. I’ll be honest, I thought it was a container of cookies!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Construction

They really are screws — and not cookies — sadly

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Cafe Construction

Here’s a little door to our litterbox area that’s “cat sized” No people allowed!

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