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Hello all and welcome back (to me!).  Yes….I have been “off” for a couple of months on a mini-vacation but now I am rested, recharged and back to work!

Long time readers of my blog know that November means one thing and one thing ONLY to me and that one thing is GRAVY. November equals Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving equals Turkey and Turkey equals Gravy. It’s really simple mathematics! But, to be honest, I am still hurting a little bit over last year’s debacle with the Gravy Boat (if you missed that blog you can read it here. So I am not going to talk about gravy this month (but I do plan to drink some later this month).

While I was off the new iPhone was released. The iPhone14 and 14 Pro and 14 ProMax. I can remember when the iPhone12 was the newest gadget! I’ve seen the new phones and they are nice. And by “seen” I mean I have knocked them off the counter. I love playing the “gravity game”!

The new screen is larger and is purr-fect for standing on and making wet paw prints. The new phone also has some nice new safety features such as car crash detection and satellite connectivity. But….I think if they really want to appeal to cat parents, they have some work to do and it just so happens I have some examples of new features that I would like to see included in the next release:

COOKIE TIME – This app notifies you every time it is time to give your cat a cookie.  It can be set so that it goes off every 5, 10 or in rare instances, every 15 minutes (not recommended).

WATER ME – This app reminds you when it is time to turn on the water in the bathroom sink so that your cat can drink from it. It also reminds you to turn off the water 15 minutes later when your cat “may” be done drinking.

FEED ME NOW – This app has multiple uses. It uses GPS technology and will alert you while you are at the grocery store to pick up cat food and can also be used a reminder when it is time to fill up the cat dish up to 25 times per day. It can be overridden in rare instances for only twice a day, but it is not recommended to run it on that schedule.

SLEEPY TIME – Like a sleep tracker, only different. This app is compatible with the AppleWatch and will awaken you from your slumbers up 10 times per night to make sure that you are not taking up too much room on the bed to ensure that your cat is comfortable and has enough room to stretch out.

SHARE ME – Reminds you to take a picture of your cat every 3 hours and then automatically shares the photo with everyone in your Contacts Folder so that they too can see how cute we are!

HAIR BALLER – This app connects via Bluetooth to your cat’s collar (sold separately) and alerts you 3 seconds too late as to when your cat is about to throw up a hairball. The delay ensures that you will be 3 seconds too late to move your cat away from the 1 sq. foot of carpeting in your home to a tiled area (OK I admit that one is just for fun!)

I am pretty sure that Apple will be taking all of these suggestions and you will see these new apps in the next release, which is sure to happen the day after you purchase the iPhone14.

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