Changes are coming!

I love to sing! Mostly musicals (who can forget my wonderful rendition of Something’s Coming from West Side Story just before The Orlando Cat Café opened!) but also classic rock too, and today I am channeling my inner David Bowie with “Changes.”

Turn and face the strange
Don’t want to be a richer cat
Turn and face the strange
There’s gonna have to be a different cat
Time may change me

But I can’t trace time Lots of cats (and people too) dislike change. Actually, cats love change, but only if it is the others who are changing to make life more comfortable for THEM! Like a warm blanket direct from the dryer instead of the room temperature one.
We have very exciting (and happy!) changes to talk about this month at The Orlando Cat Café as we welcome the SPCA Florida as our new cat adoption partner! Founded in 1979, SPCA Florida is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Lakeland. They are dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people in the community, just like we are at The Orlando Cat Café! SPCA Florida provides caring, compassion and hope to more than 6,000 homeless animals entering their doors each year. That’s a whole lot of cat and puppy chow!
They also operate the McClurg Animal Medical Center, which is open to the public and is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that heals and helps 50,000 patients annually! Imagine all the tongue depressors they must stock! Thousands more pets and people are served through their community outreach and education programs. I had a chance to visit them recently and was very impressed not only with their facility, but also with the wonderful and caring people that I met.
So what does this mean for The Orlando Cat Café? More kitties! You can expect a full house of fun loving felines all of which who are looking to be pet and coddled and cuddled while they await their purr-fect forever families.
Our dedicated team at The Orlando Cat Café will remain as is it. Samantha, Paola and Stefanie will continue to take care of us (yay!) and will continue to act as our Adoption Counselors for a whole new crew of fun felines who will be joining us. And you will still see a lot of our friendly volunteers like Chris, June, Kathie, Kim, Roz, Bob, Teri and Muriel and many others!
If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful organization, and maybe want to volunteer to help take care of the kitties and help our Adoption Counselors at the Orlando Cat Café, you can click here to visit the SPCA Florida website to get started. And of course if you want to see what kitties we have up for adoption at our cafe, visit our website and scroll on down our home page for the latest pics.


What else will change? CAKE!!!  Yes – we will soon schedule a GRAND RE-OPENING so we can celebrate joining forces with SPCA Florida. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more details – Jean Luc LOVES a good party!!!


All of us at The Orlando Cat Café are thrilled to welcome the SPCA as our new partners! Stop by and say hello! 

JeanLuc's Blog

Once in a Blue Moon with Jean Luc

Some days I run through the house like a wild animal that has escaped his zoo pen. Other days I am just a quiet observer taking in my surroundings. Or perhaps I am in stealth ninja mode, watching you from under the bed or pretending to sleep atop my comfy couch all while sleeping with one eye open ready to pounce at any given moment. It all just depends on my mood, which can change by the minute with, or without warning.

Earlier this week, there was a Blue Moon. What is a blue moon? Well, it really means it is the second full moon in a month; but sometimes the moon can appear to have a bluish tint to it, hence the reference (I bet you didn’t know that in my spare time, I study astronomy…But, I’m a cat. And I have a lot of free time on my paws and access to Google).

But this Blue Moon really seemed to be making me act a little…strange. Cat behavior is something many humans have tried to study over many, many nine lives. Did you know there are “experts” on cat behavior? Pfft, what do they really know?

Something I know (because I’m a cat and I am purrfect), is that cats can improve a person’s behavior. True story! There have even been studies on it! For example, do you know just 15 to 30 minutes of quality time with a cat can calm your nerves and boost your mood? There’s even chemical evidence. Yes, CAT NIP LEVEL, chemical evidence!

When you spend time with a cat, your production of serotonin, a chemical that boosts feelings of well-being, goes up, and your cortisol levels go down. Cortisol, along with high blood pressure, is a result of stress, and can lead to high cholesterol and hypertension. This means that spending time with a cat can keep you healthier in the long run. Luckily, boosting your mood and lowering your stress levels can be as simple as interacting with a cat. And for many cats (not all), we like to interact with humans, too!

Mind blown, right?!

So, the point of my story is a trip to the Orlando Cat Café could very well save your life. Ok, ok, that may be a little drastic, but I haven’t ever seen anyone leave in a bad mood! My furry friends and I are a blast and we are spreaders of joy and happiness! And since it is the month of love and hairballs (oh, no to the hairballs? Sorry…), we hope you will stop by, lower your stress, relax, and have some fun with our kitties.

More often than once in a blue moon…

JeanLuc's Blog

Dear Jean Luc…


Jean Luc loves email! This month, I answer some questions that I have received from both our Human Friends as well as Kitty Friends. Since I speak feline fluently, it’s not hard to do!

Q. Dear JL, The Kitties at the Orlando Cat Café have such exotic names. Do you name them all? -Alicia S.

A. Dear Alicia, All our cats are named by our the Animal League and they do so by theme. All the cats that come in on the same intake have themed names (Christmas, Famous Authors, Sports, etc.). When they get a litter, they all get names that start with the same letter. Like the new “Y” kitties who will be joining us soon at the Orlando Cat Café.

Q.  Dear JL, My human keeps trying to dress me in an alligator costume for Halloween. I really don’t want to dress up as an alligator, or anything else for that matter. Other than vomiting on the costume, what’s the best way to tell her that I don’t want to participate? – Precious G.

A. Dear Precious, I’m with you. At this time of year, it is important to remind our humans all over the world that we will not tolerate any costume. It isn’t cute or funny, but it is irritating. If you want to give us some extra treats for Halloween, fine, but please – no costumes! Dogs, on the other hand, look hilarious in Halloween costumes. Feel free to wrap them, dress them, put them in doggy make-up, whatever you got to do!

Q. Dear JL, My family is giving serious consideration to getting a kitten. I’ve always been the only cat in the house and I am concerned that I will now have to share my toys, litterbox and most importantly, I will have to fight for my family’s attention. Any advice? – Snowy from Seattle

A. Dear Snowy, I absolutely understand your concern. Kittens are cute, but mostly when they are in other people’s houses. Instead of concentrating on the negatives, think about the positives. You can take all of your experience and teach the new kitten how to best train your family. Remember how long it took you to teach your family how to cater to your every whim? Now it is almost your duty to help the next generation do the same thing. You will now be the elder statescat in your house, and you can use the kitten to do your bidding. As an added bonus, now you have someone to groom your ears, because we all like having our ears groomed. Keep an open mind – you might actually like the little guy!

Q. Dear JL, I am thinking about opening up a Cat Café in Bora Bora and was wondering if you might be able to help me. Do you do consulting work? Regina P.

A. Dear Regina – I am very flattered however my work with The Orlando Cat Café and as Editor of this Newsletter keeps me very busy. Plus, I am bound by contract. And I don’t really like to travel. I do, however, wish you success in your new venture.

JeanLuc's Blog

The Dog Days of Summer

The phrase “Dog Days of Summer” describes the most oppressive period of summer, between July 3rd and August 11th each year. But where did the term come from? And what does it have to do with dogs?

Many people believe the phrase stems from the fact that dogs tend to be sluggish during the hottest days of summer (aren’t we all?), while others say the days are so hot it causes dogs to go mad (how could you tell?). But the name is actually a reference to the fact that, during this time, the Sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from any part of Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. This is why Sirius is sometimes called the Dog Star.

In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the Sun. On July 23rd, specifically, it is in conjunction with the Sun, and because the star is so bright, the ancient Romans believed it actually gave off heat and added to the Sun’s warmth, accounting for the long stretch of sultry weather. They referred to this time “dog days.” Thus, the term “Dog Days of Summer” came to mean the 20 days before and 20 days after this alignment of Sirius with the Sun — July 3 to Aug. 11.

All of this science can make me want to take a nap, but it also got me thinking about how cats are shortchanged – they can put a man on the moon but no one can invent some sort of sciency name having to do with a Cat? Not to worry – I am taking it upon myself to declare the purr-iod between February 15th and March 11th the “Cat Days of Winter”. The sciency name will be “Feles Brumalis” which if my Latin is correct (according to Google anyway) means “Cat of the Winter”. I feel smarter already!

This new holiday period, which I just invented, doesn’t have anything to do with science and more to do with stuff that we like and, with those parameters, I suggest “celebrating” this period by doing the 5 things that I enjoy the most:

• Sleeping – Increase your Sleeping Time from 16 hours to 18 hours or more!
• Playing with Random Objects – Shoelaces, Paper Bags, Boxes!
• Pestering People at the Worst Time – Bathroom! Laptop Computer!
• Hiding and NOT Coming When Called – An added benefit is the exercise that your human will get by walking around calling and calling you
• Eating – Extra cookies every day from February 15th to March 11th!

Feles Brumalis is coming soon – we just have to get through these hot days first…

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Mulberry’s BACK!

Mulberry’s BACK and filling in as Guest Blogger for Jean Luc 

I’m back!  After a little bit of an absence, for a teeny tiny tummy issue which has since resolved, I’m now back at the Orlando Cat Cafe, and ready to be adopted by my new forever family.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who asked about me during my absence — your cards, phone calls, texts and emails were much appreciated as well as the several balloon-o-grams I received (ok, just one of those!).

While I was away, I was thinking about something that was told to me when I was a kitten.  In the ’80’s, around the time that my Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s, Grandmother was alive, Pantene (the shampoo company) had a commercial with the tag line “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful.” As I grew up, my mom told me about that commercial, as her mom told her about it and so on and so on and so on….

The ladies in my family are all beautiful and that goes back for multiple generations.  That commercial described us well.  But our beauty goes beyond just being skin (in my case fur) deep.

Today I want to talk about looking beyond my good looks, which admittedly will be hard to do, but try.  Because, beyond my gorgeous green eyes, luscious white fur, and adorable black splotch on my nose, lies the heart and soul of a feline who wants to do some good in the world — using both my external and internal beauty.

The Animal League has made this easy for me to do!  They’ve made me a Sunshine Fund Pet Ambassador, which is like a UNICEF ambassador, but for animals!  Broken bones, puppies with parvo, skin diseases, and even tummy troubles, are all part of everyday shelter life. With rising veterinary costs and so many pets in need, a “beautiful” pet, such as myself, can help defray some of these costs, through the Sunshine Fund. My beautiful looks, can help save animals that require extensive and costly veterinary care.  External beauty meets internal beauty!

When you adopt me, you help 1) me and 2) a less fortunate pet find our forever homes.  As an bonus, anytime someone comes to visit you, or you take me to the vet for my annual checkup, you’ll hear “what a beautiful cat”, which, frankly will be good for both of us!  Just because I have inner beauty doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about my outer beauty too!   Because, come on…just look at me!

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful — instead adopt me and let my both my inner and outer beauty help change the world — one kitty at a time!  Come visit me at The Orlando Cat Cafe — where all the cool (and beautiful!) cats hang out!

JeanLuc's Blog

Jean Luc Honors National Pet Sitters Week

Jean Luc Honors Professional Pet Sitters Week March 5-11 with an interview with the owner of PAWSitive Strides Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services.

Thank you for joining me today to celebrate National Pet Sitters Week. How long have you owned PAWSitive Strides Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services?

My mom, Paula, and I started the business in April of 2008, so we have been in business for almost 9 years! We love taking care of people’s pets, cats, birds, bunnies, fish, reptiles, and… is it OK for me to say this here?… dogs.

Um… not my favorite word in the world, but OK. Let’s move on. How did you get started in the pet sitting business?

We both have a great love for pets and we thought, what better thing to do than to work doing something you love? Thus, PAWSitive Strides was born.

What is pet sitting anyhow?

Pet sitting is a great alternative that people use when they have to go out of town and leave their fur children behind. As you know, Jean Luc, cats (and most other pets) enjoy the comfort and security they feel being home. With that in mind, we take care of pets in their homes. Not only is it easier for the pets, but it is easier for the owners as well. They don’t have to pack up all of their pet’s belongings and transport them to a boarding facility or a friend’s home. And, when they come back from vacation, they don’t have the added stop to go and pick up their pets. Did you know that we also do dog walking for people with busy schedules? A tired dog is much less likely to annoy a cat! 🙂

I am not sure I know of any dog who’s not annoying, but I’ll take your word for it. Next question, what is the best thing about your job?

The absolute best thing about our job is getting to know and love so many different and wonderful pets. It is extremely fulfilling to be greeted each visit by purring kitties and wagging tails! The pets we care for LOVE our visits and look forward to seeing us. They get lots of love, playtime, and TLC during the visits so we always get very happy greetings!

It also brings us great satisfaction knowing that, by our being there, our clients get to travel with peace of mind. And what better way to spend the day than by bringing joy and happiness to many furry (and even feathered or scaly) critters!

Feathered critters? Really??? Sounds delish! Ahem, back to the interview. What is the hardest part about your job?

The hardest part of our job is when a beloved pet passes away. We get very attached to the pets in our care. We get to know them and love them for many years. So, when they go, it is very hard for us. It breaks our hearts every single time.

That is sad. Let’s move on to something more “pawsitive”. What is your take on the age-old question, “do cats rule and dogs drool?

Oh, that’s a tough one for me, Jean Luc! You know I have dogs, right?

I know. Nobody’s perfect. I am glad you felt safe admitting it during our interview. I wouldn’t make a practice of mentioning that, though, if I were you.

Well, having been a proud mom of dogs, cats, birds, and fish, I must say that all pets are special to me. I even save lizards or wasps that get into the house and put them back outside. Every critter is unique and wonderful in his own way.

Um… I guess… still not convinced about dogs, though. And lizards, well, they’re just a cat’s chew toy! Well, thank you for your time and taking a few moments from your busy day to chat with the Coolest Cat in town…ME! 

Click here to learn more about PAWSitive Strides Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services.

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Annual Memberships Now Available!

Head Meow Master, Jean Luc here…

Can’t get enough of the kitties at the cafe? You’re not alone (and really, who could blame you…we are pretty amazing…).

The Orlando Cat Cafe is pleased to announce that a limited number of Annual Memberships are now available. You can choose from 2 options — the Individual “Pick of the Litter” Membership or the “Entire Litter” Family Membership.

Memberships come with these GREAT “purrks”:
• Ten (10) Hours of Monthly Cat Time*
• Additional Cat Hours only $5 per person*
• 2 FREE Guest Passes
• 4 BOGO Coupons for a Beverage
• 15% Discount on all Orlando Cat Cafe Merchandise
*Subject to Availability

These memberships are being offered only for a limited time and are good for 1 year from the date of purchase! $150 purr year for individuals or $250 purr year for the entire family!

Membership requests will be filled first come, first serve — simply send an email to info@orlandocatcafe.com and include your name, address and whether or not you want to purchase an Individual or Family Membership. We’ll email you when your card is read for pick up. It’s that easy!!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly eMews newsletter delivered right to your inbox so you can stay up to date with all OCC happenings! Click here to view our February eMews!


JeanLuc's Blog

Change a Pet’s Life Day

Jean Luc here with Breaking News! First of all, I have been promoted from Blogger to Editor in Chief of the Orlando Cat Cafe’s Newsletter. This is a HUGE promotion for me and I have asked for a corner office, a saucer of milk to be delivered to me twice a day, FRESH tuna for dinner every night, and several new catnip mice. I didn’t get any of these things, but I did ask!

In my new position, I am responsible for a bunch of new things, and that leads me to my 2nd piece of BIG news — January 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day and the Orlando Cat Cafe is conducting a special Facebook contest and the winner will get a FREE Yearly Membership to The Orlando Cat Cafe! MEOW!

Change a Pet’s Life Day encourages adoption of shelter pets (like those at The Orlando Cat Cafe) and raises awareness about issues facing shelter animals. The day also aims to recognize the volunteers and staff members of shelters and rescues and the hard work they do to improve animal lives. It’s a little known fact that I was once a shelter cat, and now I am Editor in Chief of a MAJOR publication! When you are a shelter pet anything is possible!

Here are all the official rules:

Facebook Contest | Orlando Cat Cafe


1. SPONSORS: This promotion (the “Contest”) is sponsored by Orlando Cat Cafe, 532 Cagan Park Avenue, Clermont, Florida, USA 34714, (352) 989-4820, www.orlandocatcafe.com (the “Sponsor”), subject to the following terms and conditions.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Contest is worldwide. Prize will be available at the Orlando Cat Café. Employees of the Orlando Cat Café, The Animal League, and Axum Coffee and their immediate families and volunteers are not eligible to enter.

3. TIMING: Contest begins at the Start of Day (CST) on January 24, 2017 and continues until the End of Day (CST) on January 31, 2017. Online entries must be received by the End of Day (CST) on January 31, 2017 to be eligible. One Random Winner will be announced on or about February 1, 2017.

4. ENTRY PERIOD: HOW TO ENTER: On Facebook, Entrant must “Follow” the Orlando Cat Cafe Facebook page and enter a valid comment on the applicable Facebook post. Entrant can submit one entry per pet. Entries become the property of the Sponsor, not Facebook, or any other social site. One (1) random Winner per applicable site will be selected from the entries. Entrants must meet all conditions of this section; Sponsor is not responsible for any technical difficulties which prevent Entrant from meeting any or all conditions.

5. PRIZES AND ODDS: One (1) Winner per applicable site will be selected randomly from all the entries and will win a prize valued at approximately US$150. Prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash and shipment instructions must be sent within sixty (60) days of win. No extension will be given after the prize has expired. If winner is unable to redeem package within the time period required, the prize will be forfeited. Odds of winning shall be determined by the number of eligible entries received. Prizes are nontransferable and must be accepted as awarded. Prize will be awarded if properly claimed. Orlando Cat Cafe will assume delivery costs and Winner(s) are responsible for any taxes due.

6. DRAWING: The winning selection will be announced on or about February 1, 2017. Winning is contingent upon compliance with all terms and conditions set forth in these official rules.

7. NOTIFICATION: Winners will be notified by private message and/or email within two weeks following the drawing. Winner notified must respond within ten (10) days of notice of award.

8. RELEASE: By participating in the Contest and/or accepting a prize, a participant/winner consents to and gives the Sponsor the right to use, publish, and display a winner’s (and where applicable a participant’s) name, city, state and country, and prize awarded, for the purpose of advertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes in any media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide, and on the Web, without review, notification or approval, all without additional consideration, unless prohibited by law.

9. LAW: Subject to all country, federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Void where prohibited or restricted. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of entrants or Sponsor in connection with any drawing or award, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of, the State of Florida, without regard to conflict of law principles. Any cause of action by you with respect to the offer (and/or any information, products or services related thereto) must be instituted within one (1) year after the cause of action arose or be forever waived and barred. All actions shall be subject to the limitations set forth in above.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any social media site, including Facebook.


Facebook contests are worldwide. The Prize will be available at the Orlando Cat Café.

On Facebook, Entrant must “Follow” the Orlando Cat Cafe Facebook page and enter a valid comment on the applicable Facebook post. Entrant can submit one entry per pet between January 24 – 31, 2017.

1) One (1) Winner per applicable site will be selected at random from all the entries. The one (1) Prize is valued at approximately US$150 and includes one yearly pass to the Orlando Cat Café.

January 24, 2017

January 31, 2017. Winners will be announced here on or around February 1, 2017.

On Facebook, Entrant must “Follow” the Orlando Cat Cafe Facebook page and enter a valid comment on the applicable Facebook post. All other entries will be disqualified. This contest is limited to participants worldwide. Prize available at the Orlando Cat Café.

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JeanLuc for President!

Orlando Cat Cafe|American Flag

JeanLuc for President!

Big news!

I am nominating myself for President!  Not President of the Orlando Cat Café (I’m kind of the president there already) but for President of the U.S.A.

We’ve had a lot of visitors here at the Orlando Cat Café in the last month, and many are talking elections.  It seems to me, that no one is all that thrilled with either candidate, and so I thought now would be a good time to elect a cat as president, and I am humbly submitting my name for consideration.

Now don’t let my name fool you.  I know that my name is JeanLuc, and that is a “French” name, but I assure you I was born in the United States.  As I previously stated, long before I even considered running for President, I was named JeanLuc because my mom loved french fries!

Now, I realize that I am getting into the game a bit late, and I haven’t had the chance to participate in any debates, so I am taking this opportunity to answer some popular debate questions, so that you can get an idea on my position on several important topics.  Ready?

Q:  What is the Best Pizza Topping?

A:  I do like pepperoni, but sometimes it gives me “digestive issues”, so I will go with cheese, but it is important to 1) not eat too much and 2) be sure to let it cool.

Q.  Which is better — Rock n Roll or Hip Hop Music?

A:  I’m old school, so I will choose Rock n Roll (but not too loud).  I also like Harry Connick Jr. and Johnny Mathis.

Q.  Are there advantages to bottled water over tap water?

A:  I’m environmentally friendly, so I think tap water is fine.  And I know this will not be a popular stance with my dog friends, but toilet water is not recommended!

Q:  Which is more real – pirates or ninjas?

A:  Pirates

Q:  Do nursery rhymes have secret interior meanings?

A:  Only Humpty Dumpty.  It’s really deep.

Q:  Are beauty pageants a way to objectify women?

A:  I have no opinion on beauty pageants, but I am not a big fan of Cat Shows.  Best in Class, Best in Breed.  It’s demeaning and too subjective.

Q:  Should plastic bags be banned?

A:  Yes — Paper Bags are a lot more fun to play in and a lot safer!

Q:  Which is better to have as a pet: a cat or a dog?

A:  This may surprise some people, but I feel strongly that some people are “dog” people and some people are “cat” people.  But cats rule (and dogs drool)!

I hope this clarifies my positions on several important and pressing issues facing this country, and that you will consider voting for me, JeanLuc, for president!

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Back from Vacation!

Jean Luc here, back from vacation and boy oh boy have things changed here while I was gone!

I went to Altoona, Pennsylvania, mostly because I thought it was spelled All Tuna, Pennsylvania.  You can imagine my disappointment but I made the best of it.

Anyhoo, my vacation started on September 7th and I just came back this morning, revived and refreshed, and boy was I surprised when I came in today.  I have a bunch of new friends here, and by “a bunch” I mean 15!  15 feline friends have joined me here at the Orlando Cat Café and we are having some fun!

I’m a little embarrassed that I missed the Opening Day festivities — reporters from WESH, The Orlando Sentinel, Attractions Magazine, WFTV, FOX, The Daily Commercial, and few others were all here, and hob nobbing with those folks would have probably helped my professional street cred, but they did a great job covering the opening!

OrlandoCat Cafe|Opening Day Cake

I missed the Opening Day Cake which is sad because I LOVE cake! The pawprints on the side are so cute!

Oh…and remember those boxes I wrote about before?  Well….I was right, they did have some fun stuff in them!  We have some really nice toys and comfy places to sleep and ultra swanky kitty trees and other fun apparatus to play on.  I’m told this came from a place called CatsPlay, Cat Furniture Superstore (www.CatsPlay.com).  We all love it!

Here’s a picture of my newest friend, Yin, having some fun!

Orlando Cat Cafe

My newest friend Yin posing on the steps from CatsPlay Furniture!

We’ve met some super nice people who have travelled from near and far to visit with us and we are all looking forward to meeting many more nice folks!  Someone even sent these adorable flowers with a likeness of me, Jean Luc..made out of FLOWERS!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Flowers

That’s me – made out of flowers!

If you haven’t come to visit us yet, now is the time!  Reservations are STRONGLY recommended as my new cat friends are extremely popular!  You can make them on our website – www.orlandocatcafe.com.

The Orlando Cat Café – where the cool cats hang out!




JeanLuc's Blog

Our New Kids Time Blocks!

The Orlando Cat Cafe prides itself on those three words:- the amazing community of Orlando, finding each wonderful cat his/her forever home, and providing a cozy cafe & coffeehouse to enjoy. We want to ensure that everyone who visits us, even our youngest guests, have a positive experience.

On our end, we know that kittens and cats are fragile. They are tiny and can be easily over looked by young children. This is dangerous for both the child and the feline as young children can easily trip and fall over them. Children are naturally exuberant, this is a lovely quality of youth! However, if you are a cat lover, you know that felines prefer slow movements, soft voices and a gentle touch. When kitties get stressed they are very unhappy and become ill or act out to protect themselves.

Children, just like kittens and cats, go through different socialization and developmental stages. For example, children 3-4 years of age are still learning impulse control. Sudden outbursts, or impulsive grabs at a pet might frighten them and cause an adverse, frightened response. Between ages 5-7, children learn empathy and are better equipped to treat cats properly. Sadly, if kittens and cats have negative experiences with children during their socialization period, they can develop a lifelong fear of small children. Likewise, if a child has a negative experience with a kitten or cat, they can also develop the same type of fear.

Child and Cat|Orlando Cat Cafe

One of Our Young Guests Interacting with a New Feline Friend

We believe we’ve found a beautiful solution to ensuring that both children and cats have a more successful interaction. We’ve instituted “Kids Time’ blocks where children under the age of 12 can separately visit with the cats while enjoying structured activities such as crafts, pet education, reading time, and family coloring time. During these blocks, children will come together as a group and enjoy an hour of entertainment within the cat play area. Parents will need to accompany their child during these sessions.  The children will be supervised by the staff and volunteers of The Animal League. No other adults will be allowed during Kids Time. During Family Coloring Time, parents and children work together in the cat play area creating their masterpieces.

All other blocks of time will be for older children (12 and up) and adults. We believe this will help everyone enjoy their time at the cafe more and not only encourage a better interaction with the adoptable cats, but also a safer and more stable environment for all.

Interested in booking for our New Kid’s Time?  Just click here



In the News JeanLuc's Blog

More Activity Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Orlando Cat Cafe

All I can say is “WOW”!  I mean “MEOW” but if I say it just right it sounds more like “WOW”!

There is so much happening at the Orlando Cat Café, not even I can keep track of it all!  Remember not too long ago I blogged about nap time?  Ah, those kitten days….  These days I don’t have time to take ANY nap, much less an early afternoon, mid afternoon AND late afternoon nap.  I’m talking NO naps because there is SO much going on here.

I had thought that once Kalos cleared out (which they have pretty much done) then I would have the whole place to myself and it would be quiet finally (that drilling was really getting to me) but since they left, we’ve had a whole host of people coming and going and going and coming.  Alarm people, phone people, equipment people, artist people, office people.  The list goes on and on.  No sooner does 1 person leave before another 1 (or 2 or 3) come in!  How’s a cat supposed to get any rest?

I am a reporter though, and as such, it is my responsibility to report (and not to just complain) and so, I am happy to report that in all of this coming and going, some good stuff is happening!

I am not all that much interested in phones and internet (although I do like to play games on my iPad) but all of these food bowls have been set up, which is very interesting and leads me to believe that I am going to get some company pretty soon!  It’s more food that I can eat by myself!

Orlando Cat Cafe

It’s like a buffet!

Another sign that I am getting company pretty soon — Litterbox Row!  I don’t mind sharing, however, I’ve chosen the middle one for myself!


Orlando Cat Cafe

We don’t need a lot of privacy — obviously!

This cute decorative item arrived yesterday!


And this kitty tree (I have it on good authority that many more fun things will be arriving in the next couple of days)!


Super fun!

Getting close!

Keep reading my blog for the latest on our Grand Opening — which is going to be soon — VERY SOON!




JeanLuc's Blog

Jean Luc Sings West Side Story

Orlando Cat Cafe|Box

I love musicals! You would think that I would only love the musical CATS, which of course I do, but I love all musicals, particularly West Side Story. This week I was singing these words –

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something’s coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!

I have been singing this song, because boxes – and mean BOXES – of stuff have been arriving at the Orlando Cat Café. Before the boxes contained boring things, like insulation, but these new boxes are from fun places — places like Amazon and Cat’s Play Furniture and PETCO.  One box is marked “Cat Café – PC and Toy”.  I think this box may contain a Personal Computer and a Toy!  There are other boxes too — one that shows a Cat Tree — another one has something called a “Ripple Rug”.  I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds like fun.

Orlando Cat Cafe|Box

I think this box has a toy!

I’m having tons of fun playing on and around the boxes, but I have a feeling that I going to have even more fun once these boxes get opened.  I’m getting VERY excited!  I heard that this little girl, by the name of Bella Luna, is going to be joining me here pretty soon, so I will have some company.

Orlando Cat Cafe|Bella Luna

This is Bella Luna. She will be joining me soon (unless she is adopted before she gets here!)

My friend Keith, from Kalos Construction is getting ready to pack up, and while I am sad to see him go (he really is very good at playing Hide and Go Seek) it means that construction is almost finished, and if construction is almost finished, then we will be opening soon!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Boxes

These are just some of the boxes that have been delivered this week!

Could it be? Yes, it could.
Something’s coming, something good,
If I can wait!
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is,
But it is
Gonna be great!

Orlando Cat Café.  Coming Soon!   Gonna be Great!



JeanLuc's Blog

Jean Luc of All Trades

Sometimes it’s hard being me.

Cat…Construction Worker….Blogger…Reporter….Official Mascot of the Orlando Cat Café. So many roles to juggle.

I am by NO means complaining. I really LOVE all my jobs, but sometimes it gets hard doing so much – especially in the heat of the Summer when all I want to do is nap…and drink water.

It has been another busy and exciting week at The Orlando Cat Café. The word on the street (and in the café) is that Opening Day is FAST approaching. I am not at liberty to divulge an exact date, mostly because no one has told me, but I think it’s going to be soon!

A lot has happened this week. The walls got a fresh coat of paint, cabinets have begun to arrive (excellent hiding places for my weekly game of Hide and Go Seek with my friend Keith) and even some new lighting fixtures got installed. Also, we got a new floor in the Cat Play Area — polished concrete which makes running after my toys a lot more fun (the floor is shiny and just a little slippery). And, perhaps the most exciting part, for me anyway, is the installation of my own little door. Now by “my own” I mean it’s for me and for all my kitty cat friends at the Orlando Cat Café. The door leads from the Cat Play Area to our own little “secret area” where we can go to eat, drink and do some other “private” business that I would prefer not to blog about. It’s for Cats Only, although we will probably let our human friends from the Animal League back there sometimes so that they can fill up those food bowls!

I do have a few pictures to share this week —

Orlando Cat Cafe|Kitty Door

Here’s me “testing out” the new Kitty Door to our “Secret Area!”

And here is a picture of me helping to install the cabinets…

Orlando Cat Cafe

This drill is heavier than it looks — it’s a “2 paw” job!

Not all my “work” is construction related — sometimes I have to do paperwork too, like paying bills!

Gotta pay the bills!

Gotta pay the bills!

And here is a picture of new napping space in the newly installed cabinet!

Orlando Cat Cafe

A good Hide and Go Seek spot as well as a good napping spot!

Tune in next week for another exciting update! We can’t wait for you to visit us!

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I’m Back!

Jean Luc, intrepid Cat Reporter and Mascot of The Orlando Cat Café, back with a construction update!

I’m back! As you may recall, I was temporarily banished last week while some wall texturizing was going on. Also during this time the ceiling was painted…black. I’m pretty much pure white and so, in retrospect, it was probably a good idea that I was not inside at that time.

Anyhoo, all that it is done now, and so this week I came back with all my tools including this rather large jug of refreshments (I had help bringing it in). Some of my fellow construction workers bring water or Gatorade with them, but I like me a cool drink of milk during the day. It’s refreshing, filling, full of protein, and really helps calm my stomach for my afternoon nap.

Orlando Cat Cafe

Here is my thermos of cool and refreshing milk!

There was a little bit of “downtime” this week while we were waiting on some materials (we can’t stay busy the entire day) so I decided to have a little fun and play Hide and Go Seek with my friend Keith from Kalos – the guys who are doing most of the actual “work”

Orlando Cat Cafe

Helping Keith cover his eyes while he counts to 10

Then it was my turn to hide! I chose to hide in the a/c duct work. Genius! They didn’t find me for hours! Hmmm….now that I am thinking about it, I wonder if they actually tried to find me…..

Orlando Cat Cafe

Hiding in the a/c ductwork! Genius!

Things are really taking shape at The Orlando Cat Café, and we are going be open very soon! Tune in next week for another construction update. In the meantime, continue to follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information on our Grand Opening!

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Construction Update – Banished!

Jean Luc’s feelings are hurt!

I have been temporarily BANISHED from the Orlando Cat Café. And I’m the SpokesCat!

I reported for “work” after the Fourth of July holiday and I was summoned by the Project Manager and told that my services were not needed this week. And then I was told to leave. Actually, I wasn’t so much told to leave, but rather picked up and put outside!

Turns out that the drywall is now up, separating all the rooms, which makes it impossible to hide anywhere and this week they sprayed some sort of texturizing stuff on the walls prior to painting.

The Project Supervisor felt it best that I not be in the space while that was happening. Maybe he was just being nice and didn’t want me breathing that stuff into my feline lungs, as I do not have tiny face mask in my toolbox. They are very hard to find with holes cut out for whiskers.

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but it turns out that the Project Supervisor also left while this was happening (sorry Keith).

I suggested that we head over to Simka’s Sweets and share a cone while this work was going on but he claimed he had “other work to do”. Whatever…

So…Jean Luc has no construction pictures to share this week, although construction is still going on. This is my only picture — me trying to get back in!

Orlando Cat Cafe

Here’s me trying to get back and being (temporarily) BANISHED!

I have it on good authority that painting begins next week. Anyone with a cat knows that we make the BEST painters, so I am confident that I will be back “in” next week to help with that process and I will have the pictures to prove it!

Stay tuned and in the meantime, follow me and this blog on www.bloglovin.com!!!

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Construction Update – Week 4

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Greetings from the Orlando Cat Café! It’s really starting to take shape. We’ve closed up all the walls, so we can get a good picture of what the place is going to look like when it’s finished. You can  see the “coffee” side and the “cat play area” side now.

All of this work is good, however, I miss being able to run through the metal studs between the two areas!  Plus, this is last time that cats are going to allowed in the coffee area.

In any case, the guys and I have finished framing and we are almost done with the electrical and HVAC rough ins (note: if dogs were building it, we would call them “ruff” ins).

Jean Luc is quite the comedian, no?

Here are some photos taken just this week!  Next week we start drywall, which should be mess-ee!  Good thing my fur is white!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Kitty Construction

Reaching for the screws. I’ll be honest, I thought it was a container of cookies!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Construction

They really are screws — and not cookies — sadly

Orlando Cat Cafe|Cat Cafe Construction

Here’s a little door to our litterbox area that’s “cat sized” No people allowed!

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JeanLuc's Blog

Construction Update – Week 2

JeanLuc, intrepid cat reporter, took a peak inside the new Orlando Cat Cafe, as week #2 of construction concluded.

Orlnado Cat Cafe|Tool Bag

Take Your Catnip Mouse to Work Day!  You can tell it’s MY bag because of the Mouse Toy

This week we got to see the underground plumbing completed and inspected. This is good because it means that people coming to visit us can drink (and also use the bathroom!).

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction

Here’s me helping drill some holes into the framework that is going to support the walls!

The concrete trenches, which up until now made an EXCELLENT place to store my collection of catnip mice were treated for termites (yay!), inspected and prepped for pouring. Concrete is being poured next week, which means I should probably remove my toys now….

Orlando Cat Cafe|Paws on Computer

Here I am checking my email in middle of busy workday!

They continue to frame the area and will eventually put walls up and they are also continuing putting in the electrical work (so that our people visitors can charge their cell phones) and also continuing with the HVAC system so that we can remain cool as cucumbers in the summer and warm and toasty in the winter!

These guys think of everything!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction Meeting

Plan Review with “The Guys” They are laughing but it’s serious work!

So far we are on schedule and everything should be done by mid-August!

JeanLuc's Blog

Jean Luc’s Interview by Meow Meow Magazine Part II


Jean Luc recently sat down (and also rolled over a few times) with Meow Meow Magazine about his role as the Celebrity Spokecat and Blogger for the Orlando Cat Café. Here is Part II of his interview!

MMM: What’s the hardest part of being a blogger?

JL: You know, it’s the actual typing! I am VERY good at passing back and forth in front of the monitor and also laying on the keyboard, but when it comes to the actual typing of letters, it’s hard because of my paws.

MMM: Where do you get your ideas that you then incorporate into your Blog?

JL: Mostly from what is happening at the Orlando Cat Café. Right now we are still in the planning process and so I am mostly writing about what’s happening with that. Interestingly enough, inspiration sometimes comes while I am sleeping. I have some CRAZY dreams!

MMM: Taking a page from James Lipton and “Inside the Actor’s Studio”….

JL: Ooh…I have watched that show! Love it!

MMM: OK, then you are familiar with the questions — let’s start. What is your favorite word?

JL: “Cookie”.

MMM: What is your least favorite word?

JL: “No”.

MMM: What turns you on?

JL: Someone scratching me behind my ears!  It’s a literal turn on because I start purring almost immediately. It’s like turning on an engine!

MMM: What turns you off?

JL: Well — when the person stops scratching me behind my ears, it literally turns off my purr. Otherwise, I am not a fan of really long car rides as I tend to get a little car sick.

MMM: What sound do you love?

JL: The can opener.

MMM: What sound do you hate?

JL: I hate any loud noise, I also don’t like to hear people cry. It makes me sad too….

MMM: What is your favorite curse word?

JL: Jean Luc does not curse!

MMM: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

JL: I would love to be a movie star like Keanu!

MMM: What profession would you not like to do?

JL: I wouldn’t want to be a dog. Is that a profession? Nothing against dogs, but I don’t think I would be very good at it.

MMM: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear when you get to the pearly gates?

JL: Google just reported that Orlando Cat Café adopted it’s 1,000,000th cat!

MMM: Last question Jean Luc….Do you believe in love at first sight?

JL: Absolutely! I have seen it so many times with families coming from all over the country to adopt cats and dogs at the South Lake Animal League. Cats falling head over tails in love with their new “forever families” and dogs who do the same. And people who fall head over heels in love immediately with their new furry family member. If you don’t believe me, stop in to the soon to be open Orlando Cat Café and you’ll see it everyday of the week!

MMM: Thank you Jean Luc for taking the time to talk to us.

JL: My pleasure!

We’ve Started Construction!

Jean Luc, your intrepid reporter, is pleased to anounce that construction has started on the Orlando Cat Café!

The folks at Kalos are estimating a 12 week buildout and they started today with some major demolition of the existing space (mostly the restrooms which will need to relocated).  No word yet on litterboxes, but I imagine that comes a little bit later.

Here are some pictures from today’s work!


Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction

Walls are coming down!

Orlando Cat Cafe|Construction

More Walls Coming Down


Activities this week include the demolition of all existing walls, flooring, electrical, HVAC (that’s construction lingo for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning!), plumbing and the fire alarm. They will also begin laying out the new walls and floor lines for plumbing as well as saw cutting the existing concrete.

Sounds messy and so they have asked me not to “help” them this week (I am only allowed to take pictures for now).

I will continue to send updates (and pictures) every week of our progress!

It’s going to be pawsome!!!!!!

JeanLuc's Blog